Membership of the TEC

Agencies have been involved in the TEC in two ways:

Formal members: Formal members are agencies that have been involved in at least one of the following: the Core Management Group (CMG); evaluation steering groups; evaluation working groups; and / or funding different components of the TEC process.

Wider TEC members: Other agencies have shared their ToRs, lessons and reports with the TEC, as well as contributed to discussions concerning, for example, dissemination and utilisation of TEC findings. Thus 'membership' of the TEC is much larger if it includes all agencies that have been involved in some part of the TEC process. Moreover, many of these agencies are committed to promoting TEC findings and recommendations and their individual agency evaluations are included as secondary sources for this Synthesis Report.

Formal members of the TEC constitute those listed below:

UN Agencies (7) Research Networks (9) Donors (16) NGOs and RC (14)
FAO ALNAP AusAid (Australia) ActionAid International
OCHA DARA International BMZ (Germany)
AIDMI (India)
UNDP Feinstein International Famine Centre CIDA (Canada)
UNFPA Groupe URD Danida (Denmark) CARE International UK
UNICEF HPG/ ODI DfA (Ireland) Cordaid
WFP ICMH (International Centre for Migration & Health) DfID (UK) IFRC
WHO IOB/ MFA (Netherlands) Oxfam GB
JICA & MoFA (Japan)
MFA (France)
Oxfam NL
MFA (Luxembourg) Save the Children - UK
NORAD (Norway) Tearfund UK
NZAid (New Zealand) World Vision International
SDC (Switzerland) World Vision Canada
Sida (Sweden)
USAID (United States)