Evaluative Resources

ALNAP / TEC Evaluative Resources

ALNAP Quality Proforma
Intended to improve the quality of humanitarian evaluation practice. It is used by evaluators and agencies to assess the quality of evaluations of humanitarian action.

ALNAP Evaluative Reports Database (ERD)
Offers access to evaluative reports of humanitarian action in order to ensure experiences and learning are shared, and to foster discussions on good practices. The ERD contains reports predominantly from the mid-90s to present.

Content image Global Study on Consultation With and Participation by Affected Populations in Humanitarian Action
Represents a major effort to increase understanding of how, for example, agencies and affected populations interact. The Sri Lanka study is one of six studies undertaken that will form the basis of a Practitioner Handbook to be published by ALNAP at the end of 2005.

Content image Tsunami Emergency - Lessons from Previous Natural Disasters (by Rachel Houghton, the TEC's Researcher and Deputy Coordinator)
Highlights seven generic lessons that have been learned from other natural disasters, specifically floods and earthquakes. The report distils main findings and lessons from evaluations and synthesis reports contained in the ALNAP Evaluative Reports Database (ERD), as well as other learning initiatives concerned with responses to natural disasters.

Content image Secondary Source Summary (by John Cosgrave, the TEC Evaluation Advisor and Coordinator, November 2005)
A useful literature survey identifying key issues from other evaluations of the Tsunami

Content image Synthesis Set Bibliography
Bibliography of Secondary and Tertiary documents in our current synthesis set. We have over 8000 documents in the overall document set, but we are only looking at documents that pull together learning or overall reviews at this stage.

Content image Useful Literature Survey on the Tsunami Response
(December 2005)

Evaluation Methodology

Content image Looking Back, Moving forward - Sida Evaluation Manual

Content image Review of the DAC principles for Evaluation of Development Assistance

Evaluating Humanitarian Action using the OECD-DAC Criteria

Red Cross Code of Conduct