Lessons Learned


Lessons Learned from the Tsunami

ACTED Sri Lanka update 9 months after the Tsunami (September 2005)
ASEAN Roundtable (Dr Darini Rajasingham Senanayake) Content image Humanitarian Assistance and the International Aid Architecture after the Tsunami: Lessons from Sri Lanka and India (November 2005)
BRCS Learning Review Content image One year Review (January 2006)
Center for Peace Building International (CPBI) Lessons of Recovery Assistance after the 2004 Tsunami (Summary Report from International Symposium, May 2006)
Global Alliance Content image Disaster Communication: Lessons from the Asian Tsunami Tragedy
Humanitarian Policy Group (HPG) Content image Learning Lessons from Cash and Voucher Based Responses to the Tsunami (Proposal) (September 2005)
HPN (Humanitarian Practice Network) Reflections on the Disaster in South East Asia
ISDR Content image 10 Lessons Learnt from the South Asia Tsunami (January 2005)
Karl Kübel Stiftung for Child and Family Content image Disaster Preparedness and Response - Lessons from Tsunami (Press release for workshop, July 2006)
OCHA/ISDR Content image Learning and Using Lessons: environmental impacts during the Indian Ocean Tsunami Disaster
(July 2005)
ODI Learning from the Indian Ocean Disaster (January 2005)
Tsunami Evaluation Coalition Content image Key Findings & Lessons - The First 4-6 Months of the Tsunami Response (Working Document by Rachel Houghton, September 2005), Content image Presentation
UNDP Content image The Post Tsunami Recovery in the Indian Ocean - Lessons Learned, Successes, Challenges and Future Action (April 2005)
WHO Moving Beyond the Tsunami: The WHO Story (September 2005)
World Bank Content image Update on the World Bank Response to the Tsunami Disaster (April 2005)
Content image Response to the Tsunami Disaster (February 2005)

Lessons Learned from Previous Disasters

ALNAP/Provention Consortium Content image South Asia Earthquake 2005, Learning from Previous Earthquake Relief Operations (September 2005)
The Guardian Lessons for Life (12th January 2005)
Groupe URD Content image 11 Lessons Learnt from Hurricane Mitch and the Earthquakes in El Salvador which might be useful for the Tsunami Response (January 2005)
Rachel Houghton Content image Tsunami Emergency - Lessons from Previous Natural Disasters (January 2005)
Kenyon Content image Worldwide Disaster Management - Lessons Learned
Navy Warfare Development Command (NWDC) TACMEMO
Content image Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief Operations Planning (August 2005)
Oxfam Content image 2005 - Year of Disasters (October 2005)
Probe International Content image Aiding or Abetting? Internal Resettlement and International Aid Agencies in the Lao PDR (August 2005)
World Bank Lessons from Natural Disasters and Emergency Reconstruction(January 2005)
John Telford Content image The Evaluation of Finnish Humanitarian Assistance (1996-2004) (April 2005)


13-14 June 2005
Content image Regional Workshop on Lessons Learned and Best Practices in the Response to the Indian Ocean Tsunami, Report and Summary on Main Conclusions (Medan, Indonesia)

8-9 June 2005
Content image National Post Tsunami Lessons Learned and Best Practices Workshop (Colombo, Sri Lanka)

30-31 May 2005
OCHA and the Government of Thailand
Content image National Workshop on Tsunami Lessons Learned and Best Practices in Thailand (Bankok, Thailand)

17-18 May 2005
OCHA and the Government of Maldives
Content image Government of Maldives and United Nations Post-Tsunami Lessons Learned and Best Practices Workshop (Maldives, Indonesia)

May 2005
OCHA and the Government of Indonesia
Content image Post-Tsunami Lessons Learned and Best Practices Workshop

14-15 April 2004
Workshop of Lessons learned on the National and International Response to the BAM Earthquake