Thematic and Cross-cutting Studies


UNDAC Content image
Indian Ocean Tsunami Disaster of December 2004 - Rapid Environmental Assessment of Aceh, Indonesia (February 2005)
Content image
Indian Ocean Tsunami Disaster of December 2004 - Rapid Environmental Assessment in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka (February 2005)


Content image
Food and Nutrition Concerns in Aceh after the Tsunami (Patrick Webb, 2005)


International Center for Migration and Health Content image Interim Report of a Meeting on the Public Health Impact of the Tsunami held in Male, Republic of Maldives, 22-24 May 2005)
World Health Organisation (WHO) Content image Draft Report of the Health Aspects of the Tsunami Disaster in Asia (WHO Conference in Phuket, Thailand, 4-6 May 2005)

CARMA International Western Media Coverage of Humanitarian Disasters (January 2006)

Psychosocial Implications

Do's and Dont's in Psychosocial Intervention, Content image Presentation
WHO Content image Briefing Note on Psychosocial/Mental Health Assistance to the Tsunami Affected Region (February 2005)

ADB Institute Post-Tsunami Recovery: Issues and Challenges in Sri Lanka
Joint Report of the Government of Sri Lanka and Development Partners
Content image Post Tsunami Recovery and Reconstruction (December 2005)
McKinsey Quarterly Content image After the Tsunami: Lessons from reconstruction(January 2006)
Tourism Concern Content image Post Tsunami Reconstruction and Tourism: a second disaster? (October 2005)

All India Disaster Mitigation Institute (AIDMI) Content image Review of AIDMI's Temporary Shelter Programme in Tsunami Affected Southern India
OCHA Content image Report from Assessment of five Temporary Living Centres (TLC) in Aceh Berat (March 2005)
Oxfam International A Place to Stay, a Place to Live - Challenges in Providing Shelter in India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka after the Tsunami (December 2005)
UN Habitat Content image Permanent Housing Brief (February 2006)
UNHCR Content image Transitional Shelter Quality Standards and Upgrading Guidelines


Cash for Work
South Asia Disasters Net Content image When Cash for Work Works (December 2005)

Plan International Content image Children and the Tsunami (December 2005)

UNGA Content image Strengthening Emergency Relief, Rehabilitation, Reconstruction, Recovery and Prevention in the Aftermath of the Indian Ocean Tsunami Disaster (June 2005)

Disability Knowledge and Research Content image Disability in Conflict and Emergency Situations: Focus on Tsunami Affected Areas (June 2005)

All India Disaster Mitigation Institute (AIDMI) Content image Tsunami, Gender and Recovery (October 2005)
IASC Content image Review of the Inter-agency Standing Committee (IASC) 1999 Policy on Integration of a Gender Perspective in Humanitarian Assistance (July 2004)

Human Rights
Action Aid Content image Tsunami Response: A Human Rights Assessment (January 2006)
Human Rights Center, University of California, Berkeley
Content image After the Tsunami - Human Rights of Vulnerable Populations (October 2005)

Land Issues
Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) Content image Land Issues Arising from the Ethnic Conflict and the Tsunami Disaster

IPS at BMICH in Colombo University Content image Workshop on Livelihoods, Post-Tsunami: Build back better (December 2005)
ODI / UNDP Content image Cash Learning Project Workshop in Aceh, Indonesia, to Share Experience and Learning for Cash Interventions (Aceh, Indonesia) (16-17 June 2005)